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Photo Credit : Through Stories

Photo Credit : Through Stories


I’m Amanda Norisada, a seamstress, shoemaker, and the Owner / Creative Director of Nori Child. Most of all, I’m a lucky wife to Jason and mama to Lennon, my 4-year-old spunky sidekick. She is a huge part of the brand - not only as my often-model, but also as my right-hand gal everyday. She’s my joy, my reason, my heart. (I know you feel me, mamas.) Oh, and I can’t forget Oliver, Lennon’s fluffy companion who rounds out our crew. If cats wore shoes I would probably find a way to design for them as well. (Check out @lennonandoliver to see this always-amusing duo.) We also recently added 3 alpacas to our little family herd and another flat faced kitten, Maple; they can also been seen on our Lennon & Oliver instagram.

As a family & child photographer for the past several years, I now capture childhood with a sewing machine AND a camera. (It would be a rare day if my hands weren’t on at least one - if not both - of these beloved pieces of technology.) It’s either luck or fate that two of my trades go so well together; that I get to not only dress kids, but photograph them too.

Photography was my first business, but clothing was my first love. Like most little girls, playing dress up was a pastime I adored. Not just wearing them - but creating them - was a skill that my Grandma Carol had that I admired & appreciated at a young age. It seemed she had magic in her fingers, making any occasion extra-special with the whirl of her sewing machine, thoughtfully selected fabrics, and detailed finishing touches. She made store-bought halloween costumes look completely out-of-the-question and even had my school friends in awe of an all-too-authentic-looking Little House on the Prairie dress one year. I can still remember the feeling of being “best dressed” that day.

Fast-forward to my early 20’s when I made my first pair of tiny shoes as a present for a friend expecting a baby girl. They were a special and custom gift - just like my grandma had done for me so many times. I didn’t realize it then, but those shoes would be the start of Nori...

Nori Child is an American-made clothing and shoe label for girls, founded on fresh design and committed to quality. Since sewing those first pair of baby shoes in 2009, Nori has exploded into a beloved fashion line with the support of thousands of mamas across the globe who can’t get enough of it for their little ladies. (Insert my overflowing gratitude!) They - and I suspect you, like me - delight in dressing our daughters in unique, oh-so-one-of-a-kind finds that stand out in a crowd; that feel as special to us as treasured favorites from our own childhood. Above all else, Nori values being American made, authentically created, and quality constructed - focusing as much on the materials as we do the design.  

Nori clothes are timeless with a nod to trends, sophisticated with a pinch of sass, and whimsical with a touch of structure. They are clothes that I even might want for myself - if it weren’t for the playful patterns, sweet shapes, or frilly details that make them perfectly fit for girls in the wonder-filled first years of their lives. Details that may be over the top for us mamas... but spot on for them. Nori has had mamas swooning over their style and daughters digging their comfort; creating common ground with pieces that mom loves and kids want to wear. (A win-win is always a good thing in our world, right?)

Nori gives moms a break from the ordinary shopping experience and transforms it into a refreshing occasion. When I first started making clothes and shoes, it was simply because I couldn’t find what I was looking for in stores. Don’t get me wrong - I know that character tees and mass-produced chainstore garments have their place, like the playground. But I also know that there are many moments in a little girl’s life - like preschool and parties, playdates and picture days, birthdays and holidays, vacations and events - that can be met with an unexpected, ultra-special outfit that feels like it was made just for them.

Having once sewed all of Nori’s clothing, I now still make many of the pieces in my home studio in Coeur d Alene, ID and from time to time I also collaborate with a small team of seamstresses that lovingly handcraft each item. I am 100% (might I say 150%) committed to keeping jobs in America. Everything for Nori is created with the utmost care and unmatched quality right here in the USA.

Even though Nori clothes and shoes are thoughtfully designed for modern wear, their quality ensures they will be lasting heirloom pieces. I imagine your daughter passing down her favorite items to her little sister, or you tucking them in a cedar chest as keepsakes for her to pass on to her own daughter someday; memories attached that will never be forgotten.

But for now - in the midst of her precious little years - I invite you to share a sweet Nori garment or pair of shoes with your daughter like you would a scrumptious cupcake - no sprinkle spared! - as a treat that brings smiles to both your faces. I’d be humbled and thrilled if you then shared with me (and a growing community of Nori Girls) glimpses of your life with the hashtag #norichildhood on Instagram and Facebook. Follow & Tag @norichild too so we can keep in touch!

With wishes for a playful, cheerful, memorable childhood and gratitude for you & yours,